business process outsourcing

BPO has its roots in the manufacturing industry, with manufacturers hiring other companies to handle specific processes, such as parts of their supply chains, that were unrelated to the core competencies required to make their end products.

Our focus on your business builds a deep understanding of the context in which you operate.

Mortagage Service

The Mortgage Banking Process is a cyclical process and therefore does not have a starting or ending point.

"Mortgage Banking includes The Origination, Sale and Servicing of mortgage loans secured by either residential or commercial real estate"

  • Mortgage Processing
  • Underwriting
  • Closing
  • Title
  • Appraisal Services
  • Supporting Services
Data Entry Services

Our customers regularly outsource their Data Entry work to us because of our elevated level of accuracy, and high confidentiality. Our skilled data entry personnel are trained to understand and analyze hand-written documents and can retrieve difficult handwriting for customers at an accuracy of 98%.

Outsourcing of critical data processing purposes to Webflic has lowered costs, increased profitability and supplied greater value and operational fineness to our valued customers.

We believe in providing a better Customer service with the Quality of work, by this Customer will enjoy the benefit of low cost, profitability and Core value of the business.

  • Online & offline Data Entry service
  • Data Digitization
  • Data Conversion
  • E-Cataloging & Data capture services
  • Forms Processing (HTML/XML/SGML Coding with DTD Design)
Call Center Service

Our Primary focuses on maximizing business and profits for our customers as we have well trained man power in providing inbound call center outsourcing services to global customers in varied industries, such as travel, real estate ,airlines and banking. Outsource inbound call center solutions benefit from strategic contact center services that help you attain your business objectives and stay ahead of competition.

  • Claims processing services
  • Product information services
  • Up selling and cross selling services
  • Customers support
  • Billing Queries services
Outbound Call Center Services

we can help you connect with your customers with our complete range of outbound call center services. We have a domain expertise in outbound call center solutions, high-level of expertise and experienced outbound sales center agents, you can be assured of quality services.

  • Tele Sales & Customer acquisition
  • Lead Generations
  • Regular follow-up with mail and calls
  • Customers support
  • Data Base Development Services
We have a Unique Strategies for Every Business

What works for packed food may not work for Doctors as far as digital marketing is concerned. We pay attention to minute details such as choosing the right time of the day to showcase the product to a set of customers, finding complimenting publisher platforms and above all, creating the most-suited content.

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